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Wild SteveSteve Greene is a naturalist, independent thinker, and seeker of truth. He has authored seven books, and is a noted authority on Death Valley National Park, human powered recumbent cycle touring, and maximum functional longevity. Steve has not owned a petroleum powered automobile since 2008, as part of his environmental preservation paradigm. Steve eats a vegan diet, works out regularly, champions healthy living, and breathes pure air on North America’s Pacific Rim.

His book, BIOFORM: Evolution Beyond Self, is a liberating manifesto for the independent minds of today’s new generations, providing an enlightened path free from the chauvinism and bigotry of governmental, national, religious, cultural, racial, and sexual prejudices. Steve advocates an existence that respects life, shares peace, and lives in the present moment, writing for those who wish to disengage from business as usual and enjoy inner serenity known by few.

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Thanks for stopping by the Wild Steve web portal, the hub of my writings: online, in print, and electronic books. This Wild Steve website was initially set up in response to folks asking how to get in touch with me. Due to the variety of topics I cover in my writings, I was ending up with somewhat diverse niche audiences, which led me to wonder how I could even create a simple business card that would address every audience simultaneously. Obviously, directing an interested party to a website about tricycles would perhaps be inappropriate if their interest was primarily about my life philosophies. Thus, I put together a very rough version of Wild Steve back in late December 2010, just so I could direct anyone interested in my writings to a single place that was easy to remember. The early version of this website has now been seriously overhauled, updated, and expanded into a more professional appearing presentation, more of a foundational location from which I can now operate, rather than simply an after-thought to use as a portal. It remains my web portal, but with a little more flair.

So what does the “wild” portion of the title have to do with things? Well, it’s because I am one who finds my peace and meaning in life largely from the wild places of this planet that I roam. I enjoy spending significant time in the wilderness areas of the Earth, whether it be hiking, exploring, cycling, or just plain sitting on a boulder overlooking the mountains and valleys spread out before me. The grand vistas readily assist me in understanding my place in what we humans call life, which becomes apparent to folks who have read my book Bioform. John Muir once beckoned us to come to the woods, for here is rest – I would add that here is also enlightenment, found only in the secret recesses away from what we have come to know as civilization. Although, how civilized it really is certainly may be a matter of debate!

You will notice the words Health – Serenity – Longevity at the top under the Wild Steve title. These aspects of living are ones I wish to highlight, as I feel they are important for a well-lived time as sentient human beings. In my writings, these topics do surface from time to time, more so when I am openly discussing ideological points of view, but they even pop up in my ramblings about Death Valley National Park and tricycle riding and touring. As you will learn in my Maximum Functional Longevity article, I highly value this gift of life I have pulsing within my framework, and an important goal of mine is maximizing my ability to remain fully functional on all levels for as long as I am able. That article will describe in great detail the multi-faceted approaches I use to accomplish the objective, one of which is maintaining a bodybuilding regimen throughout my adult life, something I began in 1968 at age seventeen. Thus, I am also including here an article on Sustainable Bodybuilding, which does not equate to what most people think of as the traditional muscle-head at the gym.

Another topic is called Trike Hobo, which sounds rather odd to the casual observer perhaps, but is an integral part of what goes into my activities nowadays. In 2008 I replaced my life of owning cars with one of owning and operating tricycles, human powered transportation vehicles that do not destroy the air we all breathe. For me, this is not an issue to take lightly. I value the fitness and health of my body, as well as the fitness and health of my environment on this planet. Both are very much affected in a positive manner by my change of vehicles. Along this line, there is also another article called The Air We Breathe, which further details my alternative rationale for abandoning toxic petroleum powered vehicles.

One page of this website presents all nine of my Websites in one place, so all you need do it click on an image to visit any site you wish. There are several pages of wilderness photographs of secret pristine places I have been, located under the Wilderness Pics menu item – these are the spots where peace seems to effortlessly enter my spirit, and I am refreshed to continue my time here. The Unity page contains an essay about more of what exists in my temporal head, out of sight, but now exposed here to see. If you would like to learn more details about my seven books, there is a page called Wildsteve Books for you to read also. The About page goes far beyond what most authors or writers include on their About pages. Once I get behind a keyboard, I lose total control of my fingers, and there seems no stopping me. Happily for me, I am beginning to wind down this habitual process of typing and telling, with plans to actually get outdoors for the remainder of my life. There is included on Wild Steve a section typically referred to as a blog, but named here by yours truly as the Viewpoints page, which I think sounds a little classier. With this section, I’ll be able to offload some of my thoughts every now and then so you’ll know I’m still around.

One last comment and I’ll cease my yacking and let you get back to whatever you would rather be doing. You have likely noticed images of my books in the left sidebar, and a link to my Amazon Author’s Page at the bottom of this page. This may seem like my primary reason for this website is simply the promotion of my writings, a way to make some money through author royalties. That puts the cart before the horse. I write because I have always loved to help people, and always loved to share my knowledge that may be useful for others. This website presents much of my written material through links, and yes, for every one that sells, I earn a small amount of money, but keep two things in mind: 1) Without revealing my books somewhere, they may as well not exist, and 2) In my evolved manner of living, the royalties do help, even though only a tiny fraction of authors ever hit the big time and actually survive financially from writing. I earn about five dollars per sale.

Oh, and about that T-shirt to the left there that says Trike Hobo on the front, I started a fun little clothing business through CafePress. Since I love graphic design, I created some tricycle oriented logos and images, uploaded them to CafePress, and now interested readers can grab one of their own. Of each product sale that is made through CafePress, I receive 10% of the price, not much certainly, but, as with the writing I do, it is essentially for my enjoyment and sharing with others. There are many more designs on the website, and many more items beyond just T-shirts if this gets your attention. Check it out.

Since I passed my midlife crisis point in 2012, at age 61, I’ve found myself living counter to all that I once held as true and virtuous. I’ve walked away from cars. I’ve walked away from high paying employment. I’ve walked away from so many things considered normal in America that everyone who knows me believes I’ve lost my mind. Perhaps I have, but I’ve never been happier or more fulfilled. All I own consists of a high-tech tricycle, a log bedroom set, and my clothing. It is simplicity. Less is better for me. The more I get rid of, the more clearly I see life for what it truly is! The coveted American way of materialistic consumption and gluttony is no longer my way. My monthly income is from three sources, two of which are governmental and one of which is book royalties. Governmental sources are less than nine Ben Franklins monthly, and if book sales reach one Ben Franklin in a 30 day period, it is a good month. Clothing payments amount to a humble fifty dollars yearly, hardly worth mentioning. I certainly don’t live in poverty, due to my current situation, but it is only through the good graces of folks in my circle that I exist comfortably. I live in a rather bizarre world of psychological dichotomy.

So, if you enjoy my musings about life, buy a book or shirt and help a hobo, albeit a rather classy one, and if you don’t care for what I say, that’s cool too. Read the free offerings for what they might bring into your life. I’m not bummed. My time here is short, so I’ve learned that there is no useful or positive purpose to get bent out of shape with folks. Thanks! See ya’ …

Steve PCT 01Getting lost out in the wilds refreshes my spirit, as the artificial and trivial aspects of humanity cannot find me!

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